Sep 14, 2015

Scott Walker—Two Percent and Desperate

Hang in Scott—Ride tall on the Harley
Scott Walker, the energized-I'll-fight-anyone Scott Walker must be doing some serious praying to the political gods.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll today has Walker at two percent.

So Walker is targeting the working class and unions in a grand, bold and staggering gesture—with brave, historic passion and determination.

Josh Marshall offers an explanation why Walker appears more and more as a cartoon figure:

[Thirteen] to 2% since July. That's about the best example of a full-blown collapse of a campaign as I've ever seen.

So now, in an effort to regain his footing, he's promising to 'wreak havoc' when he gets to Washington and end unions in the federal government. Good luck with that. The labor movement, particularly in the public sector, is reeling in the face of a new court case which the Supreme Court seems likely to use to get union funding. But as a political matter, I don't see this helping Walker at all - mostly it serves to underline, drive home, and highlight the level of Walker's desperation and panic.
Desperation and panic. That's our governor.

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