Sep 14, 2015

Scott Walker Cannot Help Self-Aggrandizement

'If you’re asking whether the idea for Occupy Wall Street emerged out of the Madison protests, the answer is no'

Updated - Scott Walker's lack of aptitude for the presidency is becoming apparent, another defining characteristic of Scott Walker is his self-aggrandizement.

Walker's public statements reveal both a pathological capacity to lie and a delusional self reverence as a historical American figure.

White Republicans voters love the stories Walker tells, though Walker's authenticity is now under question as the Des Moines Register news coverage tries to keep Walker's wavering campaign afloat.

Conventions of political journalism constrain corporate reporters from writing the obvious: Walker is a sock-puppet for billionaires, and he does what is told.

Another Scott Walker Lie Debunked 

This morning, the Washington Post is out with another debunking of an oft-repeated Walker lie: "The Occupy Movement didn’t start in Washington, didn’t start in Wall Street, it started in my capitol," said Walker.

One is compelled to note that the Wisconsin State Capitol is the center of Wisconsin civic discourse to which all of the Wisconsin citizenry has claim and the capitol is not Walker's, a fact the Walker administration tried to erase from history during the First Amendment federal case, Kissick vs. Huebsch and Erwin, which Walker lost (Mal Contends).

Walker offers variations of his assertion, including in his memoir written by Marc Thiessen, though Walker claims co-authorship. In the memoir, Walker asserts: "The [budget] hearing would soon claim a more ignominious place in history — as the moment that gave birth to the ‘Occupy’ movement." (Lee, Washington Post)

Walker hates Americans assembling and expressing what they believe they should to with their country, hence the word "ignominious" that Thiessen uses.

Walker says the sneak attack, the "bomb," Walker dropped on Wisconsin gave rise to the national movement, Occupy Wall Street which challenges the massive wealth inequality of American society, and the unsustainability of a consumerist, low-wage society.

Walker refers specifically to the February 15-16, 2011 Joint Finance Committee hearings on Walker's 'Budget Repair Bill" as the birth and start of the Occupy Movement, a falsehood (Davidoff, Isthmus) (Ballotpedia, Timeline of Wisconsin Act 10, the "Scott Walker Budget Repair Bill" (2011)).

In fact, the Occupy Movement traces its roots to December 2010 and the earlier public stirrings of the Arab Spring, and Occupy and affinity groups were running material contemporaneously on the Net as represented by Ad Busters' Feb. 2, 2011 call for A Million Man March on Wall Street.

"The mass protests that have erupted in Cairo's Midan Tahrir square, and are close to toppling Mubarak's regime, were orchestrated by a handful of Internet-savvy organizers known as the [April 6 [2008 Youth Movement]," writes Kono Matsu in Ad Busters, just three years after Wall Street nearly crashed the world economy in a global economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

Writes Michelle Ye Hee Lee in the Post:

Occupy Wall Street was inspired by uprisings around the world, particularly the Arab Spring and the populist protest Acampada in Spain [begun in 2008-09], and its international roots helped spawn global spinoffs of Occupy Wall Street, White said.

'It is a difficult question that ultimately comes down to a matter of perspective on history. There are many different origin stories for Occupy. It is true that the Madison protests preceded Occupy. And there were other protests, too, that preceded Occupy. For example, ‘Bloombergville’ in NYC. Early 2011 was a period of sustained global unrest,' said [Micah White, a major figure with Occupy Wall Street]. 'However, if you’re asking whether the idea for Occupy Wall Street emerged out of the Madison protests, the answer is no.' 
Facts and analysis are not Scott Walker's long suit, nor is history, what Walker calls "past hypotheticals."

Lying and delusion remain the defining characteristics of the man not-intelligent-enough-for-even-the-Republican Party.

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