Sep 12, 2015

Scott Walker—"I’m the one they fear most"

Scott Walker - They fear me
most. And I want more
military spending because
I'm strong, bold, and brave!
"I’m the one they [non-GOP general election voters] fear most." (Hahn, Des Moines Register)

Thus spake Scott Walker in Tipton, Iowa this weekend.

Scott, don't you know that in the field of whacks, most of America would love for the Republican Party to offer you up as the nominee?

Don't you know that?

By now you have been advised of many political writers questioning your viability as a candidate for the presidency, saying you lack the intelligence and the policy knowledge.

A bold proposal

How about you come to Madison, Wisconsin and hold your first unscripted, town-hall-style meeting with no screenings of questions or people?

A Wisconsin resident comes up to the mic and asks you a question, and leaves (within the realm of reason) when she or he is satisfied you actually answered the question. Follow-up questions are encouraged.

And the press is invited afterwards to ask you about your performance. How about it, Scott? Be bold.

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