Sep 12, 2015

Scott Walker—Polluting CAFOs, Full Speed Ahead

As a desperate Scott Walker is running back and forth from Iowa and South Carolina to save a faltering campaign for the presidency, Walker's DNR has a message for polluters: Open for pollution.

"A 5,000-cow dairy has been proposed in Green County’s Sylvester Township by the Tuls family," notes Kara O'Connor of the Wisconsin Farmers Union. (AgriView) Green County is located in southern Wisconsin, just south of Dane County.

Anyone ever hear of the Lower Sugar River and its tributaries? Green County Defending our Farmland has and the people are rightfully concerned about surface and ground water.

In northeastern Wisconsin, in Kewaunee County, more manure vectoring into well water is on the way (Door County Daily News).

In Wood and Bayfield counties, proposed massive CAFOs are "in review," (Wisconsin DNR).

This is French for, hang on, the locals are giving us trouble, we need to string them along for a while.

The CAFO model is to apply for dozens of high capacity water wells, mix the water with cow shit, and send it back in liquidized form by spraying the toxin-filled mess through the air into area waters and land.

Legislation further codifying Big Ag's right to pollute is likely to hit the news soon, authored by polluting CAFO's best friend, State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) from central Wisconsin, who after his con game and fronting for polluters was criticized here threatened this writer a libel suit, before being told truth is an absolute defense against libel actions and backing down.

Krug faced further criticism in Wood County, and still does.

Stay tuned. And enjoy what clean water we have now.

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