Aug 8, 2015

Wisconsin Under Walker Careened to Worst State in Household Income Decline

Update: Prediction markets judge Scott Walker biggest loser of Fox News date (New York Times). As Juan Cole writes of Walker's foreign policy responses: "After W., I have a rule that if you flounder around speaking some odd Klingon form of English and don’t seem actually to, like, know anything, you can’t be president."
Coming off a debate performance in which Scott Walker shocked analysts by showing a pedestrian grasp on major issues including foreign policy and jobs, news from last spring that Wisconsin under Scott Walker has plunged to worst in Household Income Decline went unmentioned.

This is of course to be expected from a campaign now billing itself as "grassroots."

Like Scott Walker or not, it is objectively clear that this toxic ideologue is a lightweight and a vindictive liar, not a serious man as judged by command of facts and evidence, rather a flunkie to billionaires in a position to inflict a lot more damage onto Wisconsin.

This description of Walker is not advanced in most political coverage of what Walker in particular and the Republican Party have become.

As Paul Krugman notes this week: "It has long been obvious that the conventions of political reporting and political commentary make it almost impossible to say the obvious — namely, that one of our two major parties has gone off the deep end. ... Or to put it another way, modern Republican politicians can’t be serious — not if they want to win primaries and have any future within the party. Crank economics, crank science, crank foreign policy are all necessary parts of a candidate’s resume." (New York Times)

To the extent the clown car is not so described, the United States is at risk in many spheres of public policy and the most vulnerable of our fellows will get hit first.

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