Aug 9, 2015

Trump's Misogyny Draws Mere Tweet from Scott Walker

Wisconsin GOP Display at August
State Fair Echoes Trump Misogyny
Republican candidates can't figure out why or how to challenge their fellow misogynist and his latest rant against Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly.

Scott Walker—in a profile in cowardice—could only manage a weak and vaguely-worded tweet of objection to Donald Trump (Martin, Haberman, New York Times).

After disinviting Donald Trump to a forum this weekend, RedState's Erick Erickson featured 10 of the Republican candidates in a rightwing gathering and of this group only Jeb Bush mentioned Trump, saying Trump's attack on Fox anchor Kelly is not good politics because it offended 53 percent of voters, women.

Following last Thursday's debate, Trump had said of Kelly, "You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever" in an interview on CNN Friday night (Martin, Haberman, New York Times).

Erickson had questioned Trump's "decency" in explaining his disinvitation of Trump, later saying Saturday at the Atlanta gathering that "I don't want my daughter in the room with Donald Trump tonight, so he's not invited. If our standard-bearer has to resort to that, then we need a new standard-bearer." (CNN)


That's one quality lacking in Scott Walker, and is not prominent in the Republican Party's field for the presidency.

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