Jun 20, 2015

Scott Walker Asks Donors for More Money, Following Appeals to God

Ready for Scott Walker? - Give Money, New Site Says
(Gold, Washington Post)
Scott Walker in January laughed off suggestions he might be running for president, saying, "We'll see about what God's calling is for the future." (Opoien, Capital Times)

Either God gave Walker the go-ahead, or the higher power intervened and directed Walker who formed a presidential exploratory committee and a new website—Ready for Walker?—asking for still more guidance in the form of money in a new email urging readers to participate in The Race to 270 [Electoral Votes]. (Gold, Washington Post)

The new Walker website cannot be entered unless the user first donates or creates an account, so it's not so user-friendly, though it does feature a silhouette of Scott Walker apparently deep in thought with his hands in his own pockets.

God may speak often with Walker, it appears money speaks louder and with greater authority. (Opoien, Capital Times)

Walker leaves behind a disaster in this northern Midwest state that Walker has been laboring to transform into a Southern state (Cognitive Dissonance), emphatically so in jobs lost, families targeted and the environment abandoned. (Jake's Econ FunHouse)

If God is really calling for Scott Walker, the Big Guy may be saying: Come home and get Wisconsin's fiscal house in order; you messed it up, clean it up. (Spicuzza, Stein, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) (Political Environment)

And quit trying to kill the University of Wisconsin, and help and commit no further harm onto Wisconsin families. God hates this, the Bible so commands.

"It is clear what we have accomplished in Wisconsin can be replicated across the country," Scott Walker's website states. (Gold, Washington Post) That's crazy talk, perhaps sent by the Devil.

"Let’s stipulate up front that Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, is an odious politician whose ascension to the Presidency would be a disaster," [the New Yorker's John Cassidy] writes in the opening paragraph of his February column in The New Yorker, "The dangerous candidacy of Scott Walker." (Slinger, The Capital Times)

Cassidy's statement is something on which most people in Wisconsin can agree, if only they would show up and vote.

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