Jun 22, 2015

Scott Walker—Profile in Racism

When South Carolina began to fly the flag of white supremacy from the state house in Columbia in 1961, seven years after Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, white segregationists celebrated. (Todd, Meet the Press)

Said Eugene Robinson, "Well, forgive the metaphor. But it was a middle finger directed at the federal government. It was flown there as a symbol of massive resistance to racial desegregation. Period."

Yet today, every Republican candidate for the presidency cannot manage to condemn the flag of white supremacy still flying on the South Carolina statehouse grounds, ludicrously suggesting the racist massacre committed by a white supremacist in Charleston precludes comment on flying the flag of white supremacy.

Scott Walker is among the worst offenders. (Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Walker is a lifelong, racially toxic politician who owes his political ascendency to his moving into a district to run for a Wisconsin State Assembly seat (held by Walker from 1993-2002) in a white section of the most segregated greater urban area in the United States—Milwaukee. (MacGillis, The New Republic)

Safely ensconced in his white district Walker practiced his odious racial politics, authoring in 1996 the ALEC-devised Truth in Sentencing laws that targeted low-level drug "offenders" (Adelman, Valparaiso University Law Review) amid declining crime rates. (ALEC Exposed, PRWatch)

Walker talked up a storm employing talking points developed by ALEC as Democrats ran scared, and private, for-profit prison companies such as the Corrections Corporation of America (CXW) garnered heavy profits, trading at its all-time high in 1997 at $151.88. (New York Times)

Walker went on to target blacks from voting, and targeting the inner city of Milwaukee as governor.

In 2013, Wisconsin led the nation in concentrating black men behind bars as Walker's racial politics bore its rotten fruit. (Corley, NPR)

Scott Walker is a racist with a vile history, so no one should be surprised by his deplorable behavior following the Charleston terrorist massacre.

Corrections Corporation of America traded at its all-time high in 1997
following the proliferation of ALEC and Scott Walker's Truth in Sentencing law
across the nation and authored by ALEC member Walker in Wisconsin

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