Jun 6, 2015

Martha Laning Emerges Victorious in Wisconsin Dem Party Chair Race

Martha Laning was elected Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) this afternoon by a sizable majority in a clear rejection of outgoing DPW Chair Mike Tate and his chosen successor.

Amid a historic decline of Wisconsin public school funding, the University of Wisconsin System, environmental protection and control of local governments by the state, the DPW faces the political equivalent of a Manhattan Project against Republican forces and billionaires.

Martha Laning was elected Chair among five candidates of out an unofficial delegate total of 1,321 votes, with the possible addition of some 25 alternate votes.

Manitowoc County delegate, Bernie Starzewski, said, "I will stand watch and give Martha a fair chance."

Laning received 53 percent of the vote.

Starzewski declined to comment on widespread allegations of an unfairly rigged convention.

Rick Adamski, a Shawano County delegate, said was surprised by the margin of the win.

Some sixty-seven percent of the vote rejected the Tate-Rae-Nation Consulting faction that presided over a once powerful political Party.

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