Jun 6, 2015

Long Lines at Wisconsin Dem Convention Chair Vote

Sample Ballot for election for
Chair of the Democratic
Party of Wisconsin
Freakfest in Milwaukee as Martha Laning Delegates Slur Opponents in Bathrooms

Update III: Unofficial total votes cast: 1,321, still being tabulated.

Update II: Five candidates on ballot. Laning, Wineke or Rae's game.

Update: Source reports, some 1,942 voting delegates expected to vote which would make a winning candidate garnering 389 delegates as a mathematical minimum, assuming five candidates. Thx to Aaron Camp for the math.

A voting delegate phoned me saying voting began before Noon at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's (DPW) Convention in Milwaukee.

Source says voting is heavy and the lines to pick up the ballot for voting for Chair are long.

Four candidates were nominated, no word if four or five names are on the ballot.

Source reports the line to grab a ballot loops around and loops again and so on. People are stepping out of line because the line is so long. Voters have to be in line by 2:00 p.m. to cast votes but this is going to be a long day. 

Source estimates between 1,000 and 2,000 delegates. 

Martha Laning delegates are getting sleazy saying, a vote for Wineke is a vote for Rae with no basis in fact as Wineke came out of retirement to re-energize and repair the damage wrought by outgoing Chair Mike Tate, Rae and Nation Consulting.

That bullshit is enough to turn any rational person against Laning. Another voting delegate says it's between Laning and Joe, but his basis for calculating this is unclear. 

Laning delegates are putting signs up in the bathrooms slurring opponents, apropos, source says.

The election for DPW Chair has generated political interest because of the radical reengineering project of Wisconsin public schools, the University System, SeniorCare, healthcare, environmental protection among a host of other public policy initiatives none of which Scott Walker and the GOP ran on during the 2014 campaign.

Walker is expected to declare his candidacy for the presidency in weeks.


  1. I was there. I believe Martha Laning would not have won if Jeff Smith had not dropped out and then nominated her Saturday morning in front of the delegates. Martha got 721. Rae, 428. 1349 delegates voted.

    1. I agree. Sen. Vinhout (D-Alma) did wonderfully throwing her supporters to Laning, as first pointed out by delegate, Bernie Z.

      Several attending delegates—who voted for Wineke or for Laning—all told me some version of the Wineke-equals-Rae line being pushed at the Convention in multiple forms. Vis: Bathroom walls, accosting in entering Convention and so on.