May 28, 2015

Scott Walker Seeks to Degrade Madison, Milwaukee; Grab More Power

Madison, Wisconsin has been regarded through the lifetimes of Wisconsinites as the Athens of the Midwest. (Rich, New York Times)

Stem Cells, the premier influenza virus surveillance public health system (mal contends), Epic Systems Corporation, the Arts, the social sciences, social justice movements, an innovative and skilled population, civil rights movements, strong public schools, leaders in sustainable ecological initiatives, a flagship University pioneering work in too many fields to list, the Wisconsin Idea, Madison—now Dane County—brings the world a region that works and leads, serving the people in the manner of a model of a western liberal democracy.

Today, it's reported Republicans (and Scott Walker as nothing goes ahead in GOP-Land without Walker or a proxy's consultation) have proposed installing chaos into the 2015-17 budget that would inflict economic dislocation, unpredictable property valuations and the uprooting of 1,000s of families to the detriment of Madison, Dane County and Milwaukee, while costing Wisconsin taxpayers untold $ millions, not to mention disrupting the lives of 1,000s of families including children. (DeFour, Wisconsin State Journal)

No one is calling for this typically crazy and manifestly irresponsible Walker idea outside of insiders in GOP circles run by billionaires; and Walker and Republicans did not campaign on this radical scheme.

Writes DeFour:
The state would have to consider relocating its agencies to buildings outside of Dane and Milwaukee counties before renewing current leases under a Republican budget proposal unveiled Wednesday.

The move could have a dramatic effect on Madison’s commercial office market, workforce and retail economy. ...

Walker’s 2015-17 budget proposal requires the Department of Administration to solicit lease options outside Dane and Milwaukee counties 'before signing or renewing any lease for space.'

DOA would have to prepare a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the state could save money from moving a state agency, department, division, bureau or office to a new location outside of the state’s two largest counties.

Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison, a former long-time member of the state Building Commission, which oversees the planning, maintenance and improvement of state facilities, said the proposal could cost Madison millions of dollars in lost leases and economic impact from thousands of state employees who live and work here. It could also cost state taxpayers millions of dollars to relocate state agencies outside of Dane County, he said.

Risser noted one of the commission’s policies is that state leases 'shall give first consideration to central city locations, including areas recommended by local officials.'

'This is beyond comprehension that you would turn around and ask that all leases be located out of this area,' Risser said. 'It would cost millions, too, to the area and the state.'

The measure, part of an omnibus motion that included several other provisions, passed on a party-line 12-4 vote with Republican lawmakers making no statements.
Scott Walker has been a disaster for Wisconsin.

The callow Walker now wishes to inflict political opponents and success stories with the same bad intentions Walker has for working people who organize and sell their work products in private contracts, and then work against Walker and his billionaires politically.

Walker remains a policy lightweight, but he takes orders from billionaires like the Koch brothers who could not care less about Wisconsin families as they cast their eyes upon the presidency.

Gov. Scott Walker since taking office in 2010 has worked to acquire power, using public policy and a re-engineering of government as vehicles to diminish and harm families and institutions opposed to Walker [young, educated, women, consumers, minorities and citizen-community control of cities and municipalities], and of course to reward Walker donors and other political allies.

Madison, Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin which vote heavily against the Republican Party have been targeted since Walker rejected $ 700 million in federal funds for a labor-intensive rail initiative that would have connected the two cities, among other outrageous acts in clear contradiction to the public good.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)

Walker installed himself as Chair of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), until Walker's legislative allies called for Walker's removal as WEDC Chair amid scandal, corruption and possible state and federal criminal investigations. (DeFour, Wisconsin State Journal). (Rappeport, New York Times)

Wisconsin State Building Commission

Scott Walker, Chair of GOP-Dominated
Wisconsin State Building Commission
Scott Walker occupies, by statute, the Chair of the state Building Commission, from which Walker launched another power grab for Walker and the Department of Everything (aka the Department of Administration (DoA)) to which myriad governmental functions have been acquired in a quiet coup.

The Building Commission's reorganization in Walker's first term gave Walker wide latitude to sell state properties, some 6,000 structures.

In February 2015, it is reported Walker proposed blocking transparency of the Commission's work—as Walker continues his fundraising tour of rightwing political events and visits to GOP caucus and primary states—by shifting key borrowing decisions to the Department of Administration (Everything) led by Walker political loyalists:
Under the Walker budget, the Building Commission would no longer meet in order to approve projects or the borrowing to make them happen. The commission which by statute includes members of both political parties and is chaired by the governor has traditionally met monthly.

Instead, the commission would operate under what the budget proposal calls a 'passive review process' where items are considered approved unless a majority of Building Commission members [Republicans] request a meeting. (Ivey, The Capital Times)

Few have ever heard in recent US history—outside of the segregationist policies of the deep south—of the concerted and comprehensive plan of officeholders to use pubic policy and government to decimate disfavored communities of interests whom Scott Walker once infamously compared to ISIS/ISIL. (Strauss, Washington Post)

If the nation does not believe that Scott Walker is qualitatively different than the typical run-of-the-mill corrupt politicians, folks are not paying close enough attention.

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