Apr 13, 2014

Bail Hearing Monday for Wisconsin Rep. Bill Kramer; Republican, All-around Human Garbage

"I oppose placing sex offenders in our
communities and helped lead the fight
against the placement of one of
Wisconsin's most violent offenders
in our community," Rep. Bill Kramer
(R-Waukesha) in his 2012 reelection page
Updated: If any Republican (or enabling Democrat) tells you they want to refrain from expulsion proceedings out of their concern for the victim(s), know they are bought-and-paid-for, dishonor among politicians. Any Democrat protecting Bill Kramer should be held as accountable as the GOP leadership for shielding Kramer. Stay tuned.

State Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) will make his first court appearance Monday morning in which the presiding judge will set bail and formally deliver the criminal complaint of two felony sexual assaults to Kramer's attorney.

Scott Walker and the GOP Assembly Republicans still refuse to hold expulsion proceedings, effectively shielding the Waukesha Republican who continues to draw his tax-payer salary, health care and pension benefits, a public expenditure Walker apparently does not mind if the recipient is Republican.

Sitting state representative.

This bears repeating, and as Kramer and his Republican clique protecting him have become national news, it will be repeated.

Mary Burke, Walker's Democratic opponent for governor, issued another of her eloquent soliloquies of silence on the issue.

One can only hope clients of this owner and president of Kramer Financial Management take their business elsewhere as a protest against this dangerous misogynist.

How high will bail be for the serial sexual assaulter and sexual harasser the Assembly Republicans made majority leader in 2013 replacing former Republican majority leader Scott Suder before his scandal broke?

We'll find out Monday.

Personally, no bail seems just to me.

This bastard has hurt a lot of people, and has a demonstrated hatred of women.

A couple of items worth noting in the meantime:

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