Apr 11, 2014

Bill Kramer Retains Top Defense Lawyer, Eduardo M. Borda

"I oppose placing sex offenders in our
communities and helped lead the fight
against the placement of one of
Wisconsin's most violent offenders
in our community," Rep. Bill Kramer
(R-Waukesha) in his 2012 reelection page
Sexual predator, Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) continues to draw his tax payer-financed salary, health care and pension; Scott Walker and the Republican State Assembly leadership have his back.

That's not enough for Kramer.

Kramer is due in court Monday, and has retained the services of one of the top defense attorneys in Wisconsin, Eduardo M. Borda of Milwaukee.

Walker and Assembly Republicans still refuse to begin expulsion proceedings against the former GOP majority leader, and sitting Wisconsin state representative from Waukesha.

Attorney Borda replaces attorney James Gatzke, who had accused Waukesha officials of improperly releasing city of Muskego police reports on Kramer's alleged sexual assaults.

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