Jun 6, 2013

Wisconsin Dem Chair's Losing Streak Makes Even Brewers Look Good

The Wisconsin Republican Party deserves credit in achieving its aims and objectives—not just credit, an A-Plus.

As the extremist GOP moves ahead with its crash project of dismantling Wisconsin that includes everything from attacking voters to destroying state budgets, to halting women's choice, to smashing community control, public schools, to plundering virtually every corner of the state the GOP can raid, the response from the Wisconsin Democratic Party has been muted, incoherent and utterly ineffective in moving public opinion, much less stopping the Republican wrecking ball.

Scott Walker's campaign promise—jobs, jobs and jobs—is a dismal failure, an easy win for the opposing party.

Never has Wisconsin seen an extremist political party like these Republicans. And never has Wisconsin seen a more ineffectual opposition.

And no institution is safe.

Even Joe McCarthy knew better than to screw with the University of Wisconsin, but Republicans are targeting the UW now and finding the response weak and the Democratic Party an impotent advocate.

Without the grassroots uprising against Walker, things would be worse.

Yet, maddeningly, the Dem bureaucrats saw this as an opportunity to preen in front of the camera and take personal credit for the grassroots flowering.

Now, the Democratic Party message penetrates the electorate about as effectively as the Milwaukee Brewers play baseball.

I don't know what the Democratic Party chair makes a year, he keeps this secret, but I can tell you it's way too much.

The Democratic Party is having a convention this weekend, June 7-8. The Party event website reads:
State Convention is the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s biggest event of the year. Democrats from all corners of the State will be gathering in Oconomowoc on June 7th and 8th to build the Party ...
Building the Party. That's a good idea; maybe the exec director should get on that kinda soon, or better yet bring in some fresh blood.

At the Dem convention this weekend, a little innovation, creativity, and a radical change in communications strategy and permanent field work might be worth a talk or two.

Because if the Wisconsin Democratic Party reelects the same Chair— former Madison mayor

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