Mar 2, 2013

Walker had transferred $200,000 from his campaign account

Scott Walker and two of his convicted friends
nailed by the criminal probe that Walker obstructed
WisPolitics notes this fact, and like virtually all Wisconsin media omits the additional fact that the $200,000 contributors are being kept secret from the people of Wisconsin by Scott Walker.

WisPolitics also omits the fact that Walker stonewalled the investigation, resulted in the creation of the John Doe probe to begin with.

With this kind of shabby reporting, is it any wonder many in Wisconsin never even heard of the John Doe investigation in the June 2012 recall.

Walker's corruption as a political issue is far from over.

Here's another great column by Chris Liebenthal:

Jud Lounsbury found this video which is just unbelievable. It is a video of Scott Walker meeting with his Milwaukee County cabinet on November 3, 2010, the day after he was elected governor. The significant part comes in the first minute of the video ... After gloating about his victory, Walker launches into a most vile, hypocritical speech about how he makes it a point to keep politics and county business separate.

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