Mar 2, 2013

Club for Growth Filling WMC's Decreased Role in Supreme Court Race

Wisconsin Supreme Court - Crooked as a dog's hind leg
Update II: See Report: Madison needs to build over 1,000 rental units each year to keep up with demand (Godar, The Capital Times)

Update: Rule-of-law candidate, Ed Fallone, says he'll reverse conflict-of-interest rule written by the Wisconsin Realtors Association and the business lobbying group. Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

Judith 'Judy' Faulkner is the embodiment of the American Dream.

A brilliant woman who worked her ass off at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Faulkner wrote computer code assisting medical professionals in tracking patient information.

Reportedly a woman of wide-ranging interests, the former student in the psychiatry department at UW-Madison constantly innovated her computer software, took it to the private sector and later became the founder and CEO of the giant Epic Systems Corp. of Verona, Wisconsin. [Note: Some two years ago, it was announced that Epic is going to build a huge auditorium on its Verona site. As a result, now, sources tell me the downtown condo market in Madison is finally beginning to flourish, vis a vis just three years ago in 2010. Word is new, prospective Epic employees will simply commute to Verona and live in downtown Madison and the Isthmus, and are driving the market.]

Thank you, Judy Faulkner.

One question Ms. Faulkner encountered in Wisconsin is why the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce (WMC) sought to create a corrupt Wisconsin Supreme Court that would rubber-stamp the position of the increasingly right-wing and misogynistic Wisconsin Republican Party.

Why exactly is WMC necessarily an adjunct of the GOP and why is WMC spending some $1.8 million to install Michael Gableman to the Supreme Court like it did in 2008?

For no good cause, Faulkner apparently reasoned.

Faulkner, noting what writer, Peter Gruett described as Wisconsin's "slide toward reactionary social and fiscal policies," decided to pull Epic's business from local vendors and contractors who support WMC's bid to take over Wisconsin government, as reported by WMC Watch. [One also wonders why the Wisconsin Restaurant Association similarly supports reactionary social and fiscal policies; why running a restuarant means a woman's right to choose should no longer exist? But that's another story.]

Now, one of the four corrupt GOP justices, Justice Patience Roggensack, is running for reelection. And the WMC News page is unusually silent on the race.

But the Wisconsin Club For Growth is filling in where WMC begged out.

Reads an e-mail from United Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Club For Growth, the ultra right-wing front group funded through shady channels by wealthy billionaires like the Koch brothers, has nearly tripled their investment in Justice Roggensack's reelection.

This week, the non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice reported that since the primary, the group has spent $300,000 on TV commercials alone! You see, groups like Club For Growth know that to ensure Walker's most extreme policy overreaches get a less-than fair hearing on the court, they need to maintain the status-quo by keeping the Wisconsin Supreme Court stacked with partisan judges like Roggensack.
Prof. Ed Fallone has a tough election in just one month on April 2.

The Brennan Center also notes, "In 2011, special interest groups set a new record, spending just under $3.6 million on television ads in a race that many groups sought to recast as a referendum on Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin will likely continue to see high spending by outside groups this year."

One hopes that, like Faulkner, voters conclude there is no cause for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to function as a reactionary and corrupt institution.

One imperative is Fallone telling voters of this reality over and over.

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