Apr 8, 2012

Journal-Sentinel Headline Reads One Thing; Text Reads the Opposite

The largest Wisconsin Republican newspaper—the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel—features a piece Sunday designed to give the impression of a split Democratic Party, despite the fact in modern Wisconsin political history, progressives, liberals, unions, and Democrats, spanning the spectrum have never been this united in a single purpose: Defeat Scott Walker and his rubberstamp minions in the legislature.

Actually, the 1,400-word piece by Jason Stein and Patrick Marley supplies an array of quotes and facts supporting the reality of strong unity among recall Walker candidates and the grassroots.

But some state editor or a copy editor decided to replace the rightful headline and subheadline of some variation of "Democratic field united in purpose to defeat Scott Walker" with "In recall, Democrats wage a battle of their own; Barrett, Falk strive for civility despite feisty union support."

Anything for the Republican Party for Journal Communications, Inc, especially in-kind editorial support in its news columns.

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