Apr 8, 2012

The Fun Devastation of Christian Schneider, Rightwing Hack

Enjoyable read by Edward A. Fallone of the Marquette U. Law School.

Christian Schneider, a propagandist embedded in the rightwing nexus funding and imposing fiats and decrees upon our Wisconsin citizenry, wrote a column, "Not what they meant democracy to look like," appearing in the Journal-Sentinel this weekend.

Giving Schneider the benefit of the doubt that he believes what he writes, Schneider means to offer a quasi-scholastic analysis of the Wisconsin recall, contending early twentieth-century texts show recalls are intended to be used in limited and rare circumstances.

The word 'devastating' is underemployed in describing rational examination of rightwing propaganda, so I'll use it here. Fallone's response is devastating, and is a fun Easter weekend read.

Concludes Fallone:

Gorge Orwell was amazingly prescient. He understood how the public’s understanding of history could be manipulated by propaganda, and how history itself has no existence except in the minds of the masses. The debate over the Wisconsin Recalls provides all of us with an opportunity to observe the ongoing attempt to re-write history right before our eyes.

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