Feb 2, 2012

Scott Walker Digging More Holes with Easily Revealed Evasions

Scott Walker and Brett Davis - September 2009

Update: Walker summoned to meet with prosecutors on John Doe investigation

This past Sunday, on Upfront with Mike Gousha, Walker claimed that he had no idea his entire campaign apparatus was working to get Brett Davis elected as his running mate and said he hadn't even endorsed Davis.

Someone really needs to teach Scott Walker how to lie better if he is to hang onto to his job in the recall election.

By Jud Lounsbury

The picture above-right was on Scott Walker's facebook page dating all the way back to September 2009. Walker and then State Rep. Brett Davis are pictured yukking it up with Walker saying in the facebook caption: "I am proud to have the support of Representive Brett Davis."

Scott Walker is, of course, trying to minimize his long-standing close relationship Davis, because his county office was paying several staffers, including recently charged Kelly Rindfleisch, to work on Davis's Lt. Governor campaign on the taxpayer's dime. (And, if that wasn't bad enough, Davis campaign manager and current Walker spokesman, Cullen Werwie, was regularly ordering Rindfleish and other members of Walker's county executive staff to do the illegal campaign work at their government office.)

This past Sunday, on Upfront with Mike Gousha, Walker claimed that he had no idea his entire campaign apperatus was working to get Davis elected as his running mate and said he hadn't even endorsed Davis. There is, however, a mountain of evidence that contradicts that ascertion-- Walker may not have officially endorsed Davis for political reasons, but he was doing everything possible to leave Republican primary voters with the impression that Davis was his man.

On December 22, 2009 Walker went to Monroe to a campaign event hosted by Brett Davis. At the time the Monroe Times wrote this about the event:

State Representative Brett Davis, R-Oregon, who is publicly endorsing Walker, hosted the gathering. 'We share the same vision to turn Wisconsin around, to increase jobs and promote economic development,' Davis said. Davis said the office of lieutenant governor needs to be reformed with its focus on those two aspects of the state's economy, and that Walker wants a strong lieutenant governor with experience. Davis is considering running for the office of lieutenant governor, and said he will announce his decision in mid-January.
January 4, 2010 Brett Davis, says in an interview that the best qualification for Lt. Governor (him) should be:

"Who can be the best partner for Scott Walker?"
On March 15, 2010 Tim Russell and Brian Pierick, (members of Walker's inner-circle) sent out a mailer to GOP delegates prior to Wisconsin GOP convention with a Walker-For-Governor sticker where the return address should be located. Here is what was inside the mailer:

The letter was an invitation an event to discuss the importance of attending the Republican State Convention, the dates and locations of both.

The second paragraph was devoted to the importance of delegates supporting both Walker for Governor and Brett Davis for Lt. Governor. The exclusive event would be attended by Davis and Walker representatives and encouraged everyone to have a face to face discussion with Brett. There was a piece of lit included for both Scott Walker and Brett Davis.
On May 23, 2010 Brett Davis shows a campaign video at the Wisconsin GOP convention featuring footage of Walker and Davis together.

On April 27, 2010 Walker did a campaign event for Davis in Madison, which the campaign cryptically called "Scott Walker and Brett Davis Visit Madison." Here is a picture from the event, which features Walker and Davis signs in the backdrop:

Walker and Davis Campaign Event in April of 2010

Scott Walker and Brett Davis visit Madison - April 2010

On March 30, 2010 Walker sent out a statement praising Brett Davis for his actions to kill the high-speed train deal [$810 million in federal money]:

'I applaud Rep. Brett Davis and the members of the State Legislature for standing up for the taxpayers and fighting this wasteful project.'
On August 26, 2010 Walker sent out a campaign press release announcing that the Wisconsin Grocers Association (WGA) had endorsed Scott Walker for Governor and Brett Davis for Lieutenant Governor. As is typical, the campaign provided quotes for members of the WGA, including:

'The Walker/Davis team will bring to Wisconsin what has been missing for a long time--a common sense approach to issues and the philosophy to not spend what we don’t have.'
September 15, 2010 Immediately after Brett Davis loses his bid for Lt. Governor, his campaign manager joins the Walker campaign as press secretary-- a position he still holds today.

December 2010 Walker announces that Brett Davis will be part of his cabinet as Medicaid Director.

There is no doubt Walker was backing Davis for Lt. Governor and was doing everything he could-- both legally and illegally to help him get elected. Which is why, of course, Walker is trying to distance himself from his support of Davis. After all, common sense dictates that it is much more plausible his county executive staff was illegally working to help Davis because that's what their boss (Walker) wanted them to do.

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