Feb 1, 2012

Recall Opponents Shameless, Disrespectful of Wisconsin Families

Brett Davis, Scott Walker and Cullen Werwie
Ethan Schuh, a Republican Party of Wisconsin spokesperson, apparently has no shame, like his boss, Scott Walker, and too many Republicans now-a-days who seriously do not like Wisconsin families.

Tony Galli at WKOW did a piece, "Walker supporters claim host of recall errors" in which Republicans claim they have discovered recall "fraud," a contention they have repeated for months though only now are they actually examining the signatures.

An example of the fraud a Republican volunteer spotted on the petition: "A dead relative."

Made me think of my family that includes a dead relative who passed away in the last few months after signing the petition to recall Scott Walker.

My girlfriend's brother-in-law, Al Braund, signed the recall Scott Walker petition over Thanksgiving dinner, and tragically passed away from leukemia on Jan. 6, 2012.

Any Republican puke who wants to make an issue of that, I'm available; as our many good people in the Wisconsin Rapids-Port Edwards area of our state.

Al's mother-in-law, Irene Captain of Rapids [who proudly worked on the Wisconsin AARP legislative committee to help Senior Care get passed] told me, "I'm hanging on in this life long enough to see that little weasel, Scott Walker, get recalled. You bet ya."

It's not enough that Republicans want to keep legal Wisconsinites from voting like Ruthelle Frank, not enough that Republicans harassed and criminally threatened the recall circulators and signers, but now they want insult the families of Wisconsinites who passed away?

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, too often a Republican propaganda outlet has a new Republican feature out: Want to check recall petitions yourself?

"Let us know if you find signatures, names or addresses of people who signed the petitions that have issues. We will review submissions and post those that we can independently verify," says MJS calling the column a watchdog.

Well, this morning the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel watchdog has 16 entries that they have apparently "independently" verified.

A friend points out today in an e-mail that over a quick coffee within minutes, he saw the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is printing so-called "issues" that an elementary school student could knock down.

    302 River Vew Drive; Winneconne, WI 54986
  • One checker claims "obvious false or out-state addresses" for lines 7 and 8 on page 998. But 302 River View Drive is a real address in Winneconne, Wisconsin. I even saw a picture of the house there on Google maps.
  •  Another claims "obvious false names." But the name "Hietpas" is a real name. As a matter of fact there's a "Hietpas Realty" in Little Chute, Wisconsin and I bet Brooke and Britney Hietpas are twins, which is why their signatures are similar but not identical, as the MJS checker claims (and Vicki Hietpas is their mother, but the checker doesn't question the veracity of her surname - duh). Hietpas is a Dutch name, and many readers here know their family members as wonderful people. Perhaps the MJS checkers know better? I only checked a few of the complaints but each one was bs. Not sure who the MJS is appealing to with this feature, but evidently it's primarily morons, so far at least.
  • "All addresses on page 15 and 16 are the same and belong to the Milwaukee Housing Authority. Many illegible," reads another MJS-verified "issue." - Uh, yeah. It's an assisted living shelter; many otherwise homeless people. Maybe they should not be allowed to vote or sign recall petitions if Wisconsin citizens are older, or disabled, homeless or of course: Black. Here we go again. These are people! Somebody notify the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy.
  • "Same person signed all of them," claims MJS checker of lines 1-4 on page GOV 000179. Nonsense. But facts are not the point for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and other GOP allies.
The purpose of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel [and the Republican Party with its out-of-state $millions] is to sow confusion and generate as much noise and unverified speculation as they can about any signature that any two GOP hacks think is fishy. And as we have pointed out here use this out-of-state money to fight off Wisconsin citizens deciding what type of government we want.

As the Scott Walker scandal continues to unfold as more of Walker's top aides either are criminally charged or like Walker press secretary, Cullen Werwie, have been granted immunity in the John Doe investigation, look for the shameless attacks on Wisconsin families to blow back on this very worst of Wisconsin's governors.

By the way, there is another petition going around calling for the resignation of more of Scott Walker's cronies.

Subject: Davis and Werwie Must Go!

Dear Gov. Scott Walker:

You and your cronies are already burdening taxpayers with your campaign costs to try and thwart the will of more than 1 million Wisconsinites who signed recall petitions.

Now, the state has learned that two of your top staff -- Brett Davis and Cullen Werwie -- have been implicated in one of the biggest political corruption scandals in our state's history, involving the alleged illegal use of taxpayer dollars to operate a political campaign.

We think it's simple: "Davis and Werwie Must Go!"
Tell Scott Walker: "Davis and Werwie must go!"

Good idea. And Scott Walker you do know you're next.

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