May 17, 2007

Armed Forces Day and a Marine’s Shocking Fight Against the VA

Since May 20, 1950, every third Saturday in May has been observed as Armed Forces Day, an occasion to salute the men and women in all branches of the service who protect our country.

Look here Saturday on this Armed Forces Day for the story of a Marine fighting the nastiest of enemies: the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Honor our service men and women, our veterans, and their families. This coming story of a poster-boy Marine betrayed and humiliated will appall you, and — many vets hope — make you very angry.


  1. Thanks for the information on Mr. Roberts Case at the Department of Veterans Affairs. I wish him luck at winning his case.Did he ever think about filling an Americans with Disabilites Act Type II Complaint Form against the person that denied his compensation? He can put in the form to have that person to appear in Federal Court in front of a Judge to explain why he is discrminating against a person with a Disability.

    I am a service-connected Veteran from the Marine Corps in 1976-1977 that has been denied a PTSD Rating connected for my 40% service-connected Disability from the Marine Corps at the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Chicago, Illinois on April 13, 2004 by the Adjudicators.Now I must wait until the Board of Veterans Appeals Judge "Reviews" my Appeal in 2007.
    If it is denied again, I have an Attorney waiting to take my Case to the United States Court of Veterans Claims.The longer the Department of Veterans Affairs waits, the more money it will cost them in labor resources and paperwork costs. I still have to pay the Attorney when I "win" which I won't mind.

  2. Embarrassing violence
    New Hampshire Constitution Part 1 Bill of Rights Article 10 Right to Revolution and the creation of the USA tells us that Violence is necessary as a last resort. Communication is the civilized manner in which a civilized society such as the USA solves problems. When anyone individual is set aside by the trusted members of government diminishing the guaranteed rights for the sole purpose to protect the special interests of a special class of citizens peace and tranquility no longer exist. NH took a 100% combat related disabled US Marine Veteran and through the Veterans Administration stops my medical care for the safety of the community until I stop writing opinion of government wrongs. My mind this morning slipped into danger all around me. I felt comfortable and safe for I knew what to do. The enemy exists and you trust no one unless it is another Marine or US Military for all others are the enemy, maybe. NH DMV can at a moments notice get the VA to do expensive tests for the safety of the community to attempt to take my drivers license until I stop writing opinion letters. We have a Constitution but maybe the enemy has come home here back in the “world” USA.
    The NH Supreme Court is a highly respected part of government but it must at all times be at the right of the people to expose wrongs. The NH Supreme Court refused to hear a case where Judge Peter Fauver criminally violated the Constitution by using the law to discriminate against US citizens not a member of his special class of society. The enemy is all around me as I lay here in this benjo ditch waiting for them to pass. Deep in the Bush as America Advisor I should have stayed in the friendly village. It is my obligation to kill the enemy but how do you know. Silence must be the way for my weapon under orders was never locked and loaded for eminent danger of death is a myth. Did the enemy come home and all the people do not have equal treatment for our government is only accepts those that conform. I am a Sgt in the Marine Corps and the reality of freedom makes no since to me. A US Marine has no right to tell the NH SC that they are violating what we are fighting for on foreign soil to defend and protect. Its Memorial Day.
    The newspapers will censor my words for they say I am a danger to the public. The unbiased news is when both sides are given to the people and the people decide. On this weekend we honor those that gave their lives for they are the ones that protected and defended our Constitution. I became this way from my disabilities received as a US Marine. The mind is a funny place and allows me to never leave that where I feel safe. I live in two worlds and as such my rights under the NH Constitution may be denied. I refuse to use violence against another US citizen even though all means of “Redress of Grievances” has been denied and/or violated by our trusted government officials as they protect the NH Supreme Court from the likes of a mental US Marine. Newspapers censoring the opinion of the people allowing government harm to be inflicted on a US Marine should be embarrassing because it justifies violence here in the USA.
    Have a great Memorial Day but please understand what it is first. The NH Constitution must protect all individuals equally even our disabled US Military. Ask why our NH governor refuses to communicate with the disabled.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC SemperFi
    465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217