Jun 18, 2017

Bernie Sanders Progeny, Our Revolution, Rises Against Fascism in Swing States

When we stand together there is nothing we cannot

"Our Revolution will reclaim democracy for the working
people of our country by harnessing the transformative
energy of the 'political revolution.' Through supporting
a new generation of progressive leaders, empowering
millions to fight for progressive change and
elevating the political consciousness, Our Revolution
will transform American politics to make our political
and economic systems once again responsive
to the needs of working families," reads Our Revolution,
the most powerful machine against fascism.
Updated - A glance at the map of local groups for the national progressive political machine, Our Revolution, tells much.

Clusterings of groups surge in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, (at right).

For this progressive citizen action team, it's all about winning and making the "political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families."

Even hapless, neolib Democratic Party strategists can tell you the significance of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

No single person can ever be correctly characterized as the hope of America. Nevertheless, the political power of Bernie Sanders is undeniable and rising, precisely because Sanders rejects conventional notions of what a political party should do in our electoral democracy. People over everything.

If it appears the Republican Party and corporate wing of the Democratic Party are desperate, particularly corrupt and vicious of late, it's because their corrupt power over American lives is being challenged effectively. Resistance is strong.

Consider checking out Our Revolution. This machine kills fascists, as Woody Guthrie used to say, brandishing a guitar.

Remember to enjoy yourselves, some SRV for mid-June.

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