Apr 17, 2017

Wisconsin Waters Hailed by Citizens as Ag Interests Poison and Plunder

Citizens lobby Wisconsin legislators at the Wisconsin capitol
for clean and safe water in February 2017. Image is taken
from a video produced by Eric Peterson.
Madison, Wisconsin — A video is out offering a look into the efforts of Wisconsinites fighting for clean and safe water.

People want responsible water policy in Wisconsin.

Yet, the legislators shown in the video, constantly, (invariably), vote against the protection of clean water.

State Senator Patrick Testin, (Stevens Point), State Rep. Scott Krug, (R-Nekoosa), and State Rep. Joel Kleefisch, (R-Sturgeon Bay) are the worst offenders. They represent Wisconsin residents who are being hit hardest by Republican efforts to facilitate the poisoning and plundering of Wisconsin waters.

Donald Ystad of Rome, Wisconsin in Adams County sent an email out Sunday night to 100s of supporters and other interested parties., flush off a major legal victory by central Wisconisn residents over the proposed operation of a massive factory, a CAFO or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, that would devastate the waters of an entire region.

By Donald Ystad

Concerned citizens,

Many of you were among the nearly 500 people who attended the first ever Citizens Water Lobby Day in Madison on Feb 8th this year, and thanks to a very generous Rome donor, many of you rode to Madison in comfort on motor coaches.

That day was the genesis for the new statewide citizens lobby, Citizens Water Action Coalition.

Watch this video and think of all the grass roots groups from all over the state who are now joined together in the common fight to protect our water. You should recognize more than a few faces.

Then, when you read about the legislature pandering to the mega-farm lobby, the administration out of ​touch with citizens' rights to clean and abundant water, and the increasing number of incidents degrading our lakes and streams, make a pact with yourself to be a stronger part of this citizens lobby. It may be the only way to counter the big money interests buying their way through our legislature.

T​hank you to Eric Peterson for his efforts ​on this video.

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