Apr 16, 2017

In the Belly of Moloch, the Child Must Burn—Happy Easter

Four-year-old Awra Ali of Mosul was bombed on March 17.
The child's neighborhood was hit by an airstrike from U.S.-
led coalition forces, as Donald Trump strutted about American
strength, continuing the project to make America great again.
 The young girl sits in her hospital bed at West Erbil
Emergency hospital in Erbil, Iraq on March 30, 2017.
Her body was charred black with severe burns, and shrapnel
had pierced through the side of her head, cutting across
her face, and sealing her eyes shut.
Photo Cengiz Yar for The Intercept

Some children must burn, though families are thrust blind to the necessity of sacrifice as angels witness the glory of Trump

America is great again. Enemies fear us.

Four-year-old Awra Ali, a daughter, was bombed in Mosul in March —  a fitting sacrifice for President Donald R. Trump. "Believe in yourselves. Believe in your future. And believe, once more, in America," declared Trump.

Sacrifices of innocents must be made for American power and glory, yet this imperative will never penetrate the families of children maimed and killed. We just can't reason with these people.

Anna Lekas Miller has an Easter story in The Intercept.

On March 17, Ala’a Ali left his wife and 4-year-old daughter at the home of relatives in the al Jadida neighborhood of Mosul, and went home to wash before the morning call to prayer. Two minutes after he arrived home, a deafening explosion ripped through the neighborhood, engulfing the narrow street in black smoke.

"I hid in the corner of the building, and smoke crept in through the windows," 28-year-old Ali told The Intercept. "Then the smell hit me, and I could barely breathe." As soon as he could, he bolted from his hiding place and ran to the scene of the explosion, and the house where he had left his family. ....

Sacrifices such as the Ali family child are to be celebrated.

Consider. Bombs dropped from the sky or launched from missiles are pretty cool and very presidential.

The Flight of Moloch - by William Blake
Happy Easter, and America über alles

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