Oct 16, 2016

Trump, Alt Right, Republicanites Are Seamless in Anti-voting Project

Anti-Semitic tropes pitched by Trump hit by Chris Hayes
American racists have found a hero in Donald Trump.

If Trump loses, then black and brown Americans are to blame. So goes a racist, hence absurd and false syllogism that has now veered into historically deprecatory anti-Semitic tropes, (Hayes, All In With Chris Hayes).

From the Alt Right nonsense to the local white primates populating municipalities administering elections to the Republican Party's Big Lie of vast voter fraud, Trump has declared that if Trump loses then the election is illegitimate. I have no idea if the American political culture has taken this development in.

Trump will lose.

Though this latest muck from Trump may be an implied threat to the Republican Party that it better get behind Trump or he spill the beans on the taunts and lies that underlie Republicans propaganda, in itself inciting racists is never a good idea.

Important piece in Rick Hasen's Election Law site.

From Hasen:

... This morning Donald Trump tweeted: 'Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail. Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election.' People in the media and broader society are suddenly concerned that Donald Trump is now threatening the core of our democracy: rule of law and the belief in the peaceful transition of power across presidential administrations.

But this is nothing new. ...

No, this is nothing new, but what Trump and the Alt Right with the assistance of generic racists have done in amp-up the vigilance of racists. [I have bore witness right here in Dane County and I am involved in a legal fight against Fitchburg, Wisconsin which cited me for 'disorderly conduct' for voting Aug. 9, an act of retaliation against speaking out for voters the last seven years working as a poll worker.] [You can contact me here: malleon@live.com].

When you see racism, you have to speak out.

The stakes are getting higher.

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