Sep 26, 2016

Trump Will Hit Hillary on Nicaraguan Contras, Human Rights Violations, and Wars

Political curve balls will be flying off the lectern at the great debate as the blank slate to many that is Donald Trump offers a human rights-based critique of Hillary Clinton, (Mal Contends).

That Trump is a fascist is not of the moment in the theater.

The political world won't know what to make of human rights from Trump, nor for that matter will the American people.

Human rights are no concern to Trump of course. Nor are American minorities.

Trump will assure us dangers lurk, and he is the guy who will protect our families at home and abroad from the dark-skinned dragons.

Still, Trump will strike out tonight and Hillary will be acclaimed the victor.

No politician ever went broke by overestimating the militaristic fervor of the American people, and militarism has never cost Hillary Clinton and this won't change for the foreseeable future.

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