Jun 23, 2016

Madison, Wisconsin Police Chief Mike Koval Needs to Resign

Thin Blue Line is alive and dangerous in Madison, Wisconsin
" No flag can cover the shame of the cowardice of cops who
use difficult situations as a license to act on their
own aggressive, bullyish tendencies, (Hotchkin, CopBlock).

Madison police are a clear and present danger to the community; decision expected today on charges or no charges by District Attorney's office

Updated - A young black woman got the shit kicked, tased and punched out of her this week in Madison, Wisconsin.

Any Madison city official silent is complicit.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval is one piece of work, and should leave office to his taxpayer-financed pension.

Let's be plain. Koval is a jackass.

Maybe Koval could move to New Orleans or Florida, live it up in his retirement and give the people of Dane County a break. Or, Scott Walker's cops are always looking for a few scumbags.

Koval has come under increasing moral attacks from the Madison community for his blue blanket approach to employing police power over the Madison citizenry and covering up. Beating up, detaining and lying about it.

Koval calls this procedure, "Policing in partnership with our community."

Say her name — Genele Laird, (Madison365)
Don't believe Koval.

Cover Your Ass and the asses of your gang remain the first rule of policing. The second rule is: See Rule One.

Koval's latest act of deceit comes after two Madison cops were caught on camera pummeling, (summer fun for thugs in blue), an 18-year-old woman, Genele Laird, (120 pounds and black as midnight, see photo at right), calling her a "bitch," which apparently is police talk for "citizen."

Laird had phoned the police to complain her cell phone was stolen at Madison's East Towne, a popular shopping mall.

Just before two Madison police kneed, punch and tasered Ms. Laird, an alert man, (reportedly Daniel Patrykus, 19-years-old of Fond du Lac), with a cell phone positioned himself to video the assault, an effort that produced a video that quickly went viral.

Koval called for the Madison Police Dept. to launch an "administrative review" to investigate Madison Police to determine if any Madison Police department policies, procedures and professional standards were violated, giving away his game.

Proud to share the same life span as this generation
fighting for rights and humanity in the face of brutality
and idiocy from Madison, Wisconsin police.
Image: Viral video of arrest and assault of
18-year-old woman at shopping mall in
Madison, Wisconsin in June 2106.
We Resist

The supercilious manager Koval sprung to the defense of his armed gang coughing up his assurance that "what looks like a very one-sided transaction" is proper and lawful. This is Koval-talk for why two armed, trained, grown men in blue had to beat the shit of Genele Laird.

Expect numerous communications from cops explaining why Madison police generally need to lie about, harass, intimidate and brutalize Madison citizens as a mere prelude to prison sentences and long jail terms.

The Madison Common Council passed a resolution allocating a $400,000 study of police policies and practices earlier this month, (WKOW-TV). Long overdue.

The deliverables from a probe of Madison Police would be more revealing if a small committee composed of civil and human rights activists, civil liberties attorneys, social justice activists, and citizens from families of black and Latino community arrested and harassed by police were the people studying police practices and policies.

Begin with the beating of Ms. Laird, the killing of Tony Robertson, the killing of Paul Heenan, the 10-to-one arrest ratio of blacks to whites by Madison Police, (WisconsinWatch) and other such "transactions."

A sensible working assumption is not to harass, injure, destroy liberty of, arrest or kill human beings. If Madison Police do not like and follow this mission-critical directive, each one should resign and turn in their badges and guns.

Below is disturbing audio and video of two thugs battering and beating a young woman:

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