Mar 9, 2016

Bernie Burns Hillary and Pollsters

Hillary Clinton is the Scott Walker of national politics: Identifying special interests with big money and pitching 'give me money, I'll do whatever you want.'

But the desperation of the coronate-Hillary Clinton-now project is now apparent.

As noted at In These Times, (Daalder):

Michigan represents the largest turnaround yet. RealClearPolitics’ average anticipated a Clinton win by 21.4 percent.

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight noted that, before Sanders' [Michigan] ’victory, 'the candidate with the largest lead to lose a state in our database of well-polled primaries and caucuses was Walter Mondale, who led New Hampshire by 17.1 percentage points but lost to Gary Hart in 1984.' Now, that candidate is Hillary Clinton.
The Democratic Party primary map is now Sanders-favorable, (Mother Jones), after the front-loaded southern states have already held their elections.

Look for Hillary dirty tricks and an effort to demonize Sanders, ala Clinton's work against Obama in 2008.

Sanders' win in Michigan demonstrates his FDR-Ike-LBJ domestic populism is alive and well, and the Hillary Clinton's corporatist sell-out is increasingly viewed with distrust.

Laurence Shoup traces The Clinton Dynasty and the Shadow Government (subscription required) at Z-Magazine noting the Clintons sucked up some $ 3 billion mainly from banks, hedge funds, securities firms and insurance companies.

This $ 3 billion tracks the 40 years since Bill launched his first run for Congress in 1974, and the Clintons peddled their idea in the 1970s of enlisting Wall Street in the Clinton's corporatist vision of the Democratic Party.

"The Clintons’ fundraising operation — $3 billion amassed by one couple, working in tandem for more than four decades — has no equal," notes Shoup in a piece in the Washington Post last year.

Throw in the neo-cons with whom the Clintons are politically intimate, and a Clinton foreign policy would see a closer allegiance with the savage Sunni dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Egypt ... , and the ultra-rightwingers in Israel. This means more war.

So Clinton has major elements of Wall Street and the military-industrial complex behind her candidacy. This fact helps explain why congressional democrats are humiliating themselves on the national stage.

However, as Hillary Clinton's me-or-the-highway approach to American politics becomes more apparent with each passing day, even superdelegate sell-outs in Congress and Democratic Party hacks will look askance at overruling the popular vote for Bernie Sanders in June.

To overrule the American voters would split the Democratic Party and throw the general election to Donald Trump. Hillary's sense of entitlement may allow this, but not even elected congressional Democrats would abide.

By the way, Hillary Clinton's unfavorable v. favorable ratings is at minus-12.3 points, (Huffington Post). Don't see that changing much after 40 years of sleaze.
Road to the Democratic nomination, (Mother Jones)

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