Jan 29, 2016

Wisconsin AG Moves to Protect Scott Walker

The corrupt Wisconsin Republican DoJ is working to shield the criminal Scott Walker adminstration regarding a corrupt Wisconsin Republican Supreme Court decision.

Reads the state DoJ press release in part:

Today, Attorney General Brad D. Schimel filed an amicus curiae brief in Archer v. Chisholm, a civil rights lawsuit in federal court brought against Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and other prosecutors by one of the John Doe targets. AG Schimel's brief opposes the defendants' motion asking the federal court to set aside the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision ordering documents illegally seized by the John Doe investigators to be filed under seal. 

There are no targets in John Doe probes in Wisconsin, a statute Wisconsin Republicans repealed as it was used as a law enforcement probe that uncovered numerous unlawful dealings of Scott Walker and his cronies.

Federal court filings working to litigate the issues in Archer's case would reveal more unlawful dealings of Scott Walker as governor, hence the Republican DoJ's position.

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