Jan 24, 2016

Notable Quotes from a Malicious Prosecution

Please sign Petition to demand new trial for wrongfully convicted Penny Brummer, convicted out of 1990s animus against lesbians by Dane County law enforcement, and tunnel vision.

"You are not judging a human being. [Sarah Gonstead] was killed by somebody who had an interest in seeing her dead. An interest that none of us can understand or fathom. An interest that none of us understand because we've never experienced anything like that. Tell the world what Penny Brummer did and find her guilty," said the (late) assistant D.A. Judy Schwaemle at trial in Brummer v.  Wisconsin (1994) (Dane County Case Number 1994CF000617), (Protess, Huffington Post).
"One of the questions on the jury sheet was, 'Do you believe that lesbianism is morally wrong?' And I would say a good 75 % of the people we interviewed said yes. But then the district attorneys, [prosecuting attorneys], would ask if they thought they could set aside their opinion of lesbians and judge the case just on the evidence, and they would say yes," said Penny Brummer, (Ingrid Ricks, The Advocate (1995)].
"Something's got to happen. God's not going to let me sit here for something I didn't do. I feel he's guiding somebody out there to help me," said Penny Brummer, (Lueders, (Isthmus, (2005)).
"We must make the system more responsive to post-conviction claims of injustice and less bound by blind obedience to finality," (Wisconsin Innocence Project, Keith Findley, Washington Post (2016)).
Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne

Dear Mr. Ozanne,

"I am writing this pro se (for the moment) and would like to respectfully request that you stipulate to a new trial in light of the paucity of the circumstantial case in Brummer v.  Wisconsin, (Dane County Case Number 1994CF000617)."

This request comes from the commonality we share that justice must guide the actions of the district attorney's office."
—Letter (Jan. 2016) from Penny Brummer asking for new trial

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