Aug 15, 2015

Republican Hate-mongering 'Illegals' Rhetoric

Grand Old Party of Hate

Update: Scott Walker says he would repeal President Obama's "amnesty" on Day One, in one of Walker's self-proclaimed "big, bold" ideas: "For goodness sakes, we’re seeing the real – the very real – public safety risk for what happens when you have people who commit multiple, multiple criminal offenses. They are a public safety risk to anyone in this country." (Breitbart) Who knew multiple, multiple criminals were invading and rampaging America, creating a public safety risk to anyone in this country? Republican racists know, though this is sheer, hate-mongering nonsense.
"Long past time for media to stop calling people 'illegals,'" reads a headline from DesMoinesDem writing in the Bleeding Heartland from Iowa.

The Iowa writer also hits GOP politicians, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and Radio Iowa and its 50-plus affiliate Iowa radio stations (division of Learfield Communications) for their continued use of the racially charged invective Republicans use to appeal to rural whites in America still in thrall to anything injurious to the other—them.

That goes for Fox News too, but one miracle at a time.

White and racist equals Republican Party today. Whites for liberty and equality vote for someone else.

Didn't always be that way, but appeals to racism are a main stable of the Republican political diet.

Throw in evangelical Christianitites and you have an Iowa Caucus election custom-made for Scott Walker, though Walker's faltering campaign has many anti-Latino, anti-equality and misogynistic rivals looking at other candidates with demonstrable knowledge of public policy.

Republican candidates for president see racist appeals and voter obstruction of minorities as a winning combination, and decency will not prevent the GOP from sowing the seeds of hate. (Mal Contends) (J.P. Green) (Mal Contends) (James Vega)

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