Jan 29, 2013

Updated—President Treating Latinos as Human; Will GOP Racists Follow Is Open Question

Racist business cards left at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Library event in 2009
- Racism lives on and on
Updates: "President Obama on Tuesday put the weight of his administration behind efforts to pass legislation allowing many of the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants to earn citizenship, seeking to build on a rapidly shifting political consensus around the issue." (Goldfarb. Post)

"Immigration remains tough, not doomed." (Bernstein. Post)

It is doomed. And there is no political consensus among the major political parties.

Bipartisan immigration reform is about as likely as a two-state solution in the Middle East.

The racists in the Tea and Grand Ole Parties will kill this immigration initiative, blaming President Obama and playing to the white parties' racist base.

But this is a political winner for President Obama. Obama retains options as an end game—Reagan-like amnesty as granted in 1986.

Ask yourself. Do you believe Republicans really want millions more minority voters in highly populated Latino states such as Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and America's 'urban areas'?

It's no longer acceptable to call Latinos, "spics," it remains in fashion in the southern states to refer to these human beings as "border bonnies," "cockroaches," "field rats" and "mexcrement."
"And when each new wave of immigrants arrived, they faced resistance from those who were already here.  They faced hardship.  They faced racism.  They faced ridicule.  But over time, as they went about their daily lives, as they earned a living, as they raised a family, as they built a community, as their kids went to school here, they did their part to build a nation."

So said President Obama advocating Comprehensive Immigration Reform in an inspiring address today.

Republicans suddenly appear to be not too far behind the president, at least in rhetoric on this issue.

This represents a sea change for the apparatchiks of the White Party, aka the Tea Party and its sick cousin, the Republican Party.

"There has always been anti-Mexican prejudice in America but it has gained a profoundly new intensity and self-confident sense of official support and sanction ever since the Republican-sponsored state laws were passed. This new level of grass-roots harassment and persecution of Latinos did not begin at the lower orders of society—and then filter upward. Quite the contrary, it was designed at the highest levels of Republican state government and the Republican policy infrastructure and then filtered its way down. In their own minds the grass-roots harassers no longer feel like fringe 'extremists.' They see themselves as supporting a policy designed and endorsed by the highest Republican officials in their state," writes James Vega just last year as the highest Republican officials and presidential aspirants did their worst to show who was the most hostile to Latinos.

Republicans remain the Party of racism and ignorance. Plain and simple.

I predict they will find some way of torpedoing immigration reform, and its cynical efforts at winning the hearts and minds will fail.

They just can't help themselves.

Reads a Democratic e-mail today: "Tea Party Republicans will do everything possible to obstruct immigration reform. Stand behind President Obama right away: Support comprehensive immigration reform and demand cooperation from Tea Party Republicans."

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