Jul 7, 2015

Scott Walker Concealing Role in Open Records Debacle, Pres Candidacy Speech Is Next Week

A secretive, fundamentalist, and uncompromising Scott Walker claiming a political warrant from God is maintaining his silence over his role in the Republican Open Records fiasco. (Bauer, AP, Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

A watchdog journalistic organ ran a piece today indicating that Walker's silence on the GOP attack on open government won't wash, as Walker prepares his formal announcement for president next week.

By Tim Morrissey, Public News Service:

"Bill Lueders, president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, says his organization wants to know exactly who was behind last week's move to gut the state's Open Records law – something he will aggressively pursue.

Lueders says the measure, inserted in the state budget bill late at night just before the long Independence Day weekend, brought immediate, harsh, and nearly "universal" pushback.

The item was approved by the 12 Republican members of the powerful Joint Finance Committee, over the protests of the committee's four Democrats. Lueders says no one has said where the initiative for the proposal originated.

"The responsibility for this, we know, goes much deeper than just the people who came up with these horrible ideas," he says. "My intention will be to litigate this. I will sue them if they deny me access to that information." ...

Governor Walker has said the proposal will be discussed as a separate measure outside the budget bill.

Lueders, who adds he was gratified by the swift public response to the proposal, describes it as a "frontal attack on Wisconsin's history of open government." He says his organization will continue to delve for details.

"We know that 12 members of the Joint Finance Committee did vote for these changes, knowing full well how devastating they would be to Wisconsin's tradition of open government," he says. "I think all 12 of those people really ought to be held accountable."

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