Jul 7, 2015

Scott Walker Busted, Legislators Say Walker Aides Developed Open Records Scheme

Scott Walker refused for days to acknowledge his administration's role in the Open Records fiasco that would have destroyed open government in Wisconsin.

Today, Republican legislators finally admitted the Walker administration was hip-deep in the last-minute scheme to gut Wisconsin's Open Records law before the July 4 holiday weekend.

Patrick Marley and Mary Spicuzza report:

GOP leaders in the state Legislature disclosed Tuesday that Gov. Scott Walker's office helped develop plans to dramatically roll back the state's open records law.

Walker and his aides have refused for days to explain their role in the plan, which was abandoned Saturday after intense public outcry. Walker's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

The GOP governor's help with the plan came to light as the Senate prepared to approve the state budget Tuesday and less than a week before he is to formally announce he is running for president. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Scott Walker and his office remained evasive on Saturday, saying, "When asked on Saturday if he knew the measure was included in Motion #999 before it passed, Walker avoided giving a yes or no answer while acknowledging that he was aware of the tide of public opinion opposed to it. (Jessie Opoien, The Capital Times)

An honest man would have owned up to his work. Not Scott Walker.

This is the way Scott Walker governs: Evade, run away, and obfuscate when caught.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker's office continues to operate as if his proposed open records gutting is law (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

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