Apr 18, 2015

Scott Walker's Destroying University System Is Done with Malice Aforethought

"Add two more schools to the list of UW System institutions that are taking steps to cut staff because of Gov Walker's proposed budget cut of $300 million to the System. ... As a result of their foolish choices, Wisconsin is now losing jobs and reducing our competitiveness in developing human capital. So tell me again how that mentality is supposed to attract business and make Wisconsin a better place to live in?," asks Jake at the Economic TA Funhouse.

Scott Walker's project is to degrade every university town economy because the populations around higher educational institutions tend to be better educated, and vote against Republicans.

That spin-off development—the most striking in Madison (Epic as an example)—creates a population accepting of other human beings, intellectually curious and apt to look more closely at the society they inhabit, never a good thing for Republicans.

If Scott Walker could benefit politically from the promotion of the University of Wisconsin System, he would be singing the praises of higher education. Instead, political expediency has Walker stripping the UW of its ability to perform its most fundamental functions, let alone advancing the research that could be among the greatest medical break-throughs of our time.

News that professors (WKOW-TV) and students are declining positions since they don't want to live in a University of Wisconsin targeted by Scott Walker pass without comment from Walker because Walker is all in favor of non-GOP-voting demographics leaving the state (Conroy and Shannon, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Isthmus).

Take stem cells, discovered by James Thomson and his team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The promise of stem cells has only been touched.

Scott Walker should have been traipsing around the world hyping the 10th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium on Wednesday, April 22, hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center and the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTCI).

Instead, Walker is on a fundraising tour, telling anyone who will listen that he wants to be president and do to the United States what he has done to Wisconsin.

Stem cells could be helping stroke victims (Reuters).

"Current studies are researching how stem cells may be used to prevent or cure diseases and injuries such as Parkinson’s disease, type 1 diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injury, Duchene’s muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, burns, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, vision, and hearing loss. Stem cells could also be used someday to replace or repair tissue damaged by disease or injury."

Stem cell procedures currently provide life-saving treatments for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, other blood disorders, and some solid tumors" (American Medical Society).

The fact that Scott Walker is a religious fanatic does not help matters, but Walker's attack on education and science is sociopathic. Real people are waiting anxiously for the medical and other break-throughs promised by research currently conducted at the UW.

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