Apr 19, 2015

Hillary Gets Behind Brandi Grayson and We Win

Human beings

Hillary Clinton should champion minorities now

 Scott Walker has in his own words tried to "divide and conquer" the Wisconsin people.

Brandi Grayson of Young, Gifted and Black (Facebook) has a retort to Walker and the Republicans and their persistent message from our society: State violence and the attacks assaulting Ms. Grayson as less than human will be met with resistance.

Hillary Clinton listens to Grayson, and we all win.

Walker and the Republicans will continue to divide and try to conquer.

As for the police killing people, well more intellectuals and civil rights activists on the force would be a nice start.

Try love, put away your bullets.

Try peace, measure your success by the vacancies of jails and prisons.

Long live Tony Robinson.

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