Apr 15, 2015

March Was a Good Month for Killer Cops

Update: Madison Police Chief Mike Koval is attempting to "distance the [Tony Robinson investigation] outcome from the national narrative" of white cops killing unarmed young, black men. (Godar, The Capital Times).

One expects better from Koval who is playing public relations and CYA politics in outright denying the problem. For a reality-based assessment, I recommend the Young, Gifted and Black, From Ferguson to Madison site. (Facebook)
March was a very good month for killer cops: they racked up at least 111 bodies, the majority of them unarmed Black and brown men. "Any genuine movement for criminal justice ‘reform’ must aim to abolish the Mass Black Incarceration State, root and branch, by removing the ‘occupation’ army from Black areas and replacing it with a force of Black people’s own choosing."
- Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

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