Apr 15, 2015

GOP Freak Show Is On, Ignorance and Corruption Lead

Wisconsin has joined the list of states prohibiting the use of the terms, climate change and global warming, in a government Board on state land management (Ivey, Capital Times).

This is a crazy policy, and is representative of the grotesque and diverse freak show coming everywhere Republicans rule in government.

The religious right's continuing attack on gay Americans is SOP for the GOP. (Ford, ThinkProgress and Jenkins, ThinkProgress)

The success of ObamaCare in helping lower income Americans can gain healthcare is a crime for Republicans. (Krugman, NYT)

Then there is the Republicans' most despised phenomenon in American lifeeven more than gays, blacks, women and the science behind climate change—Medicare and Social Security.

Medicare and Social Security are still pronounced as "unsustainable" by Paul Ryan and the GOP that has been trying kill these programs for decades. (Schaaf, Racine Journal-Times) (Krugman, NYT)

Ryan and the Republicans will be saying this until the day they retire on taxpayer-financed pensions.

Crazy policy on behalf on the Koch brothers and other special interests.

To beat the plutocrats, all progressive Democrats have to do is come out not only in defense of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security but propose expanding these earned social insurance plans for all Americans.

The idea has been around for years but only a handful of politicians and writers are pushing the idea. (Krugman, NYT)

Republicans hate the idea that blacks and other minorities get something, get anything despite a lifetime of work.

If Republicans were honest, gays, blacks, Latinos would just go (self-deport or die) and leave America for whites.

If voters ask Hillary Clinton her position on expanding Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, the terms of the 2016 presidential campaign will be set and the sensible center can slaughter the freak show.

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