Feb 4, 2015

Scott Walker Targets Wisconsin

"Here is the reality—as I’ve been saying for longer than I can remember, Scott Walker is a mediocre county executive who has risen far beyond his talents." - (Rick Ungar, Forbes)

Ungar is generous.

Scott Walker resembles a vandal with the toxic personalty of a poisoner systemically inflicting damage: "It's as if the poisoner never grew up ... . Developmentally stunted, other people are viewed without empathy and the poisoner's internal compass is guided instead by greed or lust rather than morals." (Psychology Today)

A long-time politico calls Scott Walker's proposed budget "carpet-bombing the state and anyone not in line with his chamber-of-commerce and Tea Party agenda."

Scott Walker's run at the presidency has already been exposed as a ploy (Rick Ungar, Forbes), a fundraising project appealing to modern-day John Birchers, racists, a handful of billionaires and the religious right.

This does not mean Walker owes anything to Wisconsin, in Scott Walker's mind.

Wisconsin is treated to the bizarre spectacle of this radical, careerist politician using the budget as an ax to public education, the Wisconsin Idea, the poor, the working class and the environment (with no consultation or mandate from the citizenry), ruining an entire state while launching his presidential run (Spicuzza, DeFour, Wisconsin State Journal), already the object of ridicule outside of Iowa. (Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

It took Wisconsin generations to build up Wisconsin's public schools and university system, the popular Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio, community control and the Department of Natural Resources.

It will take Scott Walker just months into his second term to destroy these institutions. (Stein and Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Walker never ran on this extremist agenda, but once elected in typical Walker fashion he takes a wrecking ball to commitments that have made Wisconsin the progressive state.

Walker's radicalism may not survive the gerrymandered Republican-dominated legislature as generations of Wisconsin citizens begin to ask questions.

The fact is Wisconsin maintains prominent swaths of low-information voters and sectors of the citizenry who have left the political process.

Just how organized and how enfranchised people become will determine Wisconsin's fate.

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