Feb 4, 2015

Apathy Will Doom Wisconsin

Scott Walker's unconstitutional assault against free speech in the Wisconsin state capitol garnered reactions ranging from apathy to hostility against those exercising speech.

Late last month a state appellate court sustained the judgement that "a lower court properly dismissed citations against a participant in the daily noontime Solidarity Singalong at the state Capitol because the rule that he violated was unconstitutional." (Treleven, Wisconsin State Journal)

That an organized police force would deny the liberties composing the foundation of the state is not considered outrageous by many, including those working in the capitol as the rights of Wisconsin citizens were violated daily, and often violently.

I wrote a piece suggesting that those legislative aides and representatives working in the capitol who assumed the role of bystander without so much as a letter of protest were complicit.

One Steve Carlson found this statement ludicrous.

With appellate and federal judicial decisions sustaining the First Amendment in this matter, those fighting for liberty, the Solidarity SingAlong, again were vindicated.

And bystanders again were shamed. Carlson had no further comment on the decision.

Looking back at the Scott Walker regime and the apathy of many, looking at Scott Walker's trash-the-state budget, bystanders can no longer be simply shamed.

Without mass political action of the type Scott Walker tried to halt, Wisconsin as we know it will cease to exist.

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