Feb 22, 2015

Scott Walker Runs for Special Interests, Targets Wisconsin Families

One-quarter of the Wisconsin electorate can reelect Scott Walker, but the rest of Wisconsin cannot make him act for the common good vis a vis Walker's campaign financiers and special interests.

Having cast his destructive intentions against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin System, this anti-public-minded, dishonest ideologue is playing the role of candidate for the GOP nomination for the U.S. presidency, demonizing President Obama in questioning Obama's faith as a Christian this weekend, saying, "I don’t know" if Obama is a Christian at a Party event in Washington. (Liebenthal, Crooks and Liars)

Though Walker's spectacle is merely a prolonged fundraising campaign for the anti-intellectual Walker whom more sensible Republicans in the rest of the nation reject, Walker can and is inflicting much damage to Wisconsin as he races across the country from fundraiser to fundraiser.

Latest outrage is Walker's proposed budget, a radical social engineering and fundraising document that Walker refused to run on during his reelection campaign, and the free-rider, anti-worker, anti-family legislation (aka right-to-work bill pushed by the Koch brothers) that would lower the wages of honest, hard-working Wisconsin families disconnected from Walker's concerns.

Writes One Wisconsin Now in an email this morning:
Here are the facts about how Wisconsin will look if we enact their law:
  • Wisconsin workers like you and I will make as much as $6,000 less a year on average;
  • Wisconsin public school students will have $3,400 less per student for their education;
  • Wisconsin will have more people in poverty and a higher infant mortality rate; and
  • Wisconsin will have even higher unemployment.
Wisconsin can’t afford this attack on our families. We have to stand united against this. We will be working around the clock to fight back. We’re already digging in on additional research we will share with you and the media as soon as it’s completed.
Meanwhile, Walker's sell-out of our precious waters continues as Walker acts for the interests of Big Ag polluters against families in rural Wisconsin.

From Protect Wood County, fighting a proposed massive factory farm in central Wisconsin that would direct millions of tons of liquid waster into the waters and air:

Wisconsin State Budget Disaster

Where do I even begin my discussion of our proposed state budget? The potential cuts and dismantling of our proud Wisconsin heritage is beyond believable, yet we are faced with the clear indication that the budget will pass with little tweaking from our elected officials unless we act now.  Look at the budget from any angle and it's all the same: this budget is bad. Bad for our natural resources. Bad for what we hold dear. Bad for Wisconsin.  In short the following areas are of immediate concern and need to be voiced loud and clear to everyone in Madison.  Below are quick bullet point regarding sections of the budget. For a comprehensive look as to why these proposed cuts are bad look HERE for additional explanation provided from the League of Conservation Voters.

    REJECT Governor Walker’s proposed budget directive to turn the DNR Board into a solely advisory council.

    REJECT Governor Walker’s directive to specifically target DNR staff cuts among scientists, educators, and communications specialists.

    REJECT Governor Walker’s directive to eliminate the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education and Wisconsin Environmental Education Board.

    REJECT Governor Walker’s directive to place a moratorium on the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program and divert funding away from the mission of the program.

    REJECT Governor Walker’s directive to eliminate capacity grants to conservation groups.

    REJECT Governor Walker’s directive to reduce the state’s share of the County Conservation staffing grant. Establish funding at the original base of $9,379,800 annually.

    REJECT Governor Walker’s directive to reduce the state’s share of funding levels for nutrient management plans in the budget.

This of course is not all that is bad with the budget.  Myself being a public school teacher could go on for hours about the cuts proposed to public education and our university system but that is for another email group. To view the budget in its entirety see the attached links - Budget in Full and Budget Brief. Contact state reps now and voice your concerns.

LRB 1446

Thank you to all who responded to our call for assistance and wrote our WI representatives regarding LRB 1446.  Our purpose was to encourage legislators to NOT sign on as a supporter of the proposed legislation.  Even if you did not get a chance to write your state representatives prior to the sign-on deadline we ask that you still take the time to write and show your opposition to the proposed legislation.  Although those who signed onto the bill are promoting it as a bill for the Family Farmer it is no such thing.  It is opening the doors wide for large scale agriculture to buy up land with high capacity wells and use them at their discretion without triggering DNR review. If you missed my first email regarding this subject it is attached HERE for your convenience.


LRB 0995/2 is a piece of legislation we can actually get behind and support!  Sen Mark Miller contacted me last week to discuss his Groundwater Management Bill LRB 0995/2.  This bill is in direct contrast to typical water bills we observed coming through our legislature in previous sessions.  It is very important that we again write ALL our state representatives, those that answer to us, and those that do not, and encourage support of LRB 0995/2.

To assist those who struggle with letter writing I again have formed a few options for you to copy and paste into an email.  Please be sure when filling out the signature lines that you include your full name, address, and phone number. Without this information your letters are discarded.  To read the proposed LRB 0995/2 in its entirety click HERE

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