Feb 20, 2015

Scott Walker and Big Ag Polluters Have Enemies

Stephen Babcock milking a cow -
From UW-Madison's History
of the Wisconsin Idea
Stephen Babcock milking a cow
Stephen Babcock milking a c
Update: See Why we protect our water.

For politicians like State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) and Gov. Scott Walker running political interference for the Dairy Business Association (DBA), the DBA's water and air-polluting dairy and swine operations (Concentrated (Confined) Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)) make political enemies.

That the enemies work to protect Wisconsin families' health, the environment and property values is of no apparent consideration for the DBA (Big Ag in Wisconsin).

Some of major players protecting Wisconsin include:
Worth noting is what Scott Walker proposes for the DNR, local control, the UW System and the Wisconsin Idea: Destruction.

These institutions and ideals of democracy would be eviscerated if Scott Walker, the DBA and political cronies like Krug get their way.

Worth noting repeatedly is Scott Walker's enemies tend to be targeted by legislative and executive action.

Opposition is mounting. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the GOP is after the "Stupid Vote," its only hope. See Damon Linker, The Week.

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