Jan 21, 2015

Record 2014 Profits Won't Change CAFO Model for Big Ag in the Dairy State

Wisconsin - Visit the Liquid Cow Manure
Big Ag Is Willing to Accept Devastation of Wisconsin Waters as Costs of Doing Business

Update: The concept of a 'global economy'" while our local economies and rural America continues to be impoverished and desecrated by the industrial model of agriculture is devastating.  The hard core irony that we are to drink more milk and eat more cheese - while this industry pollutes and pillages our communities' natural resources, homes, and health is beyond comprehension. All over the nation the scourge of the factory farm model is being pushed, shamelessly, including by our agencies that were originally designed to protect citizenry and our natural resources [DATCP and DNR].

In disgust,
Nancy Utesch, Kewaunee County Wisconsin
To listen the public relations statements coming from the Dairy Business Association (DBA), all Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operation (CAFO) owners care about are hiring workers, protecting the water and helping tourism and recreation.

After all, these are rural people, so noble and hard-working.

With politicians like Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) in their pocket CAFO owners can say anything and know corrupt politicians have their back and will amplify their message.

Anybody who thinks CAFO owners are going to back down from their business model destroying Wisconsin streams, lakes, rivers, and aquifers are kidding you.

Rob Schultz has the story in this morning's Wisconsin State Journal, "Dairy farms lead state to record ag profits in 2014."

Quaint concerns like safe and clean water, property values, and recreation and tourism are laughable to these CAFO owners.

These matters have zero effect on CAFOs' bottom line because CAFO owners have no stake in the community (they don't live on CAFOs).

Record Ag Profits.

Wisconsin's waters didn't fair as well.

With the CAFO model working so well for massive Dairy operations, the model has been adopted by Swine operations, and an out-of-state operation wants to site a swine CAFO in Bayfield County, some 10 miles from Lake Superior, 10 percent of the world's fresh water.

Far-northern Wisconsin clean water activists won't back down against the CAFO water and air polluters or the proposed GTAC mine water and air polluters: "One anti-mining activist said she isn’t worried 'about getting a ticket for trespassing and would gladly lay down her life if it would stop the mine or the [proposed Bayfield] CAFO,' a sentiment shared by a number of other participants." (Mullen, Ashland Daily Press)

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