Dec 23, 2014

Two UW Thinkers Pass, Dangerous People

In contemporary America where an ahistorical culture discourages thinking and questioning society the loss of two UW-Madison scholars is marked this morning.

Frances Myers, 78, renown printmaker and artist who drew students the world-over to study at the UW-Madison Art department and Mathematics professor emeritus Anatole Beck both passed.

Jane Burns has a piece in the Wisconsin State Journal this morning.

Beck's many pursuits in life includes fervent opposition to the U.S. invasion of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Myers taught her particular expertise in art forms that like much art instructs on the milieu of social arrangements and political institutions.

Art is often censored in fascist societies, and much art was banned in NAZI Germany, for example.

Of Ms. Myers, Prof. Jim Dennis said, "She was an ardent teacher, right up until the end."

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