Dec 24, 2014

Scott Walker's Man, Tim Russell, Loses Appeal for Stealing $10,000s from Veterans

Scott Walker campaigning with felons,
Tim Russell and Brian Pierick
Nothing shows the duplicitous and amoral nature of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker than the conviction of Walker's longtime friend and political crony, Tim Russell.

Russell, Walker's deputy chief of staff, was convicted last year for embezzling over $20,000, along with other Walker appointees, who together embezzled over $70,000 from Operation Freedom, a PR gig by Walker's campaign intended to benefit Walker by wrapping Walker in the valor of military veterans.

Russell's criminal appeal was just shot down.

"Russell stole $5,000 from Operation Freedom on Dec. 31, 2009 - the first day he had control of the organization's bank account - according to (prosecutor Bruce) Landgraf. Russell used the cash for two cruises, a political trip to Atlanta and to purchase Internet domain names for Walker's campaign for governor," reports Steve Schultze (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

Russell had no veterans' advocacy or non-profit experience, and Walker never apologized for the appointment or criminal actions of his long-time aide and trusted confidantes.

C'mon folks, does anyone really believe Scott Walker has a shot at being elected president. Good enough for the GOP Iowa caucuses and off-year elections in Wisconsin doesn't really make Scott Walker, a noted lightweight and divisive extremist, presidential material.

Russell has been known as an amoral shady character long before his conviction for ripping off money for veterans and their families.

"[While deputy chief of staff] Russell had regular phone contact with campaign operatives, helped publish a pro-Walker campaign blog called 'ScottForGov' and helped conduct opposition political research for Walker’s bid for governor, all while on the county clock," notes Bruce Murphy in Urban Milwaukee.

How do you think presidential pretender, Scott Walker, will explain his long-time, close association with Tim Russell and Walker's political appointments of him to the national press?

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event. Walker's personal and
political aides stole from fund meant for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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