Nov 5, 2014

Success from Dane County

Don't think of mourning; start organizing, analyzing, acting and preparing for victory

In 2006 the state of Wisconsin passed a referendum enshrining bigotry into the Wisconsin Constitution.

One county objected: Dane County. Typical.

Eight years later, a group of brilliant activists, attorneys and allies (led by the youth) celebrates same-sex marriage. Public opinion follows.

The day before Election Day, a young black man at a southwest Madison neighborhood center was asked about his thoughts on the governor's race.

"I'm not going to vote; they're all crooks," he replied. He is wrong, but I listened.

If we speak to this young man's concerns, and recognize his humanity, we win.

Dane County rejected Scott Walker on the order of 70 percent for Mary Burke yesterday.

The determination of artists, writers, activists, scholars, scientists, information tech specialists and myriad other humans to listen-up, analyze and do something contributing to the common wealth is what makes Dane County the vanguard in Wisconsin.

There are numerous other elements of Dane County that make Dane County a Mecca.

This is a community effort, ranging from fighting racism to recognizing that yea, maybe DNR wardens are heavy-handed on people who fish, drink beer and hunt deer. And those guys in Adams, Wood and Kewaunee County are right about polluting our waters.

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." --Winston Churchill

A friend signs off her emails this way.

So, whatever you do, we don't have the time or anybody to waste.

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