Nov 6, 2014

Obama Vows Action as GOP Makes Plans for Plutocrats

Blanket Amnesty for Immigrants Now

Faced with dealing with Republicans who have obstructed the economic recovery from the Bush-Cheney great recession, President Obama made plain yesterday that "what I’m not going to do is just wait" for Republicans to work for the country instead of the Republican Party's economic royalists.

The signal could not have been clearer.

Obama "swiftly defied(GOP) objections by vowing to bypass Congress and use his executive authority to change the nation’s immigration system." (Hirschfeld Davis, Baker; NYT)

Welcome news indeed.

The president can begin by issuing comprehensive amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants, for starters. Student loan forgiveness. Accelerated DoJ action for civil rights for women and minorities. Much can be done.

Executive authority is broad under the "unitary executive," just ask Republicans.

If racists in the Republican Party object, perhaps they can set up a whites-only homeland somewhere, as here in 2014 segregation remains a GOP policy objective.

Republicans in Congress may choose to begin impeachment proceedings. Excellent.

They may decide to shut down the government or refuse to fund the government. Countermeasures exist, and public opinion and rational actors will rapidly remove another GOP attempt to smash the foundations of the American economy, though Ted Cruz would be all for it.

Impeachment would put on display in a manner political campaigns cannot, the destructive and anti-American objectives of the Republican Party and the whacko theories on their plutocrats.

The results are predictable, ala 1998, the last time the Republicans began impeachment proceedings because the rightwing didn't like President Clinton getting so chummy with ethnic minorities.

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