Oct 16, 2014

Wisconsin's Future Motto: 'Don't Drink the Water'—Unless We Act

Wisconsin's future motto
Updated: Another town, Nasewaupee in northeastern Wisconsin, discusses banning manure spraying.

The stakes are high.

So, anything the Dairy Business Association (DBA) tells you should be disregarded as propaganda.

No, liquid cow manure is not good for you, and it smells horrific.

Unless we come up with a solution to the DBA's pollution of our waters through CAFOs (Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operations), and the DBA's members' sucking up Wisconsin's fresh water through high capacity wells, Wisconsin will have a new state motto.

It won't be America's Dairy Land, or Forward or The Progressive State, if Scott Walker is reelected and continues with turning the DNR into the pollution-protecting agency it has become under Walker's administration.

Wisconsin's new unofficial motto will be: Don't drink the water.

And forget about tourism and recreation in beautiful Wisconsin.

Ask Kewaunee County.

"Few people know what a CAFO is and I am always embarrassed to explain. The response is most often an incredulous stare," said Robyn Mulhaney, Kewaunee County business owner. (Peninsula Pulse)

Bring the kids, fire up the grills and check out the CAFO lagoons filled with the liquid cow excrement.

This is what happens when the stewards of the environment hand over responsibility to Big Ag.

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