Oct 24, 2014

Where Is Scott Krug?

Where Is Scott Krug? Not even Krug's
caucus trust him to show at joint
appearances with his opponent.
State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) has gone dark, refusing any more appearances with his opponent between now and Election Day.

Krug pretends to buck the Republican Party, but the GOP assembly caucus is his boss, sending money his way and advisors so Krug does not appear the clown at joint forums.

But not even the Republican Caucus trusts Krug anymore.

Word is Krug is forbidden to show anywhere where he would encounter his opponent, Dana Duncan (D-Port Edwards).

The fear is that Krug's opponent, Dana Duncan, is an attorney with the ability to cross-examine Krug and make him look foolish.

Moreover Duncan reportedly gets under Krug's skin and makes him say stupid things, e.g., "(my water committee) stopped meeting when they started campaigning for you."

This comment refers to Krug's recent line at one forum where Krug claimed to be studying a proposed massive CAFO sited in Saratoga because Krug says he is not afraid of his own party and concluded he against this one CAFO, though outside his district Krug is silent on other CAFOs.

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