Oct 15, 2014

Burke-Lehman Retail Campaign on Environment

Ripon College Democrats hosted State Sen. John Lehman (D-Racine), candidate for Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday night.

Attendees went away impressed. Most people don't want to told their drinking water is not safe to drink, like what happened up north earlier this month.

Wrote attendee Elaine Swanson from Ripon College:

John Lehman came to the Ripon College campus last night.  He spoke about important issues - and left time for questions.  I brought up my neighbor Rosendale Dairy (the largest CAFO in Wisconsin)and the operation's untreated waste spread over fields surrounding homes where people are living; spray irrigation being pushed. 

Senator Lehman responded by telling of the tour he recently had in the central part of the state where a CAFO has been proposed.  He said he met the citizens who are fearful of the impacts on their lakes and streams from high-cap wells.  I was applauding you guys up in Rome & Saratoga for organizing that very important tour!

As I'm remembering, it was a tour of CAFOs in Kewaunee County that indirectly introduced more conservationists to spreading industrial operations in WI - like champion Greg Farnham. Thanks Kewaunee for organizing those tours that create lasting images - and lasting odors!

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